Lightcraft is a Production Services Company based in Los Angeles, CA. We are aerial and remote head camera systems specialists. Lightcraft’s services are proudly built on a “cinematography-first” foundation.

We promote a culture of creativity and professionalism, with the intention of pushing the boundaries of what’s considered possible. Imagery and quality of content are paramount – the distinction being that it’s not just about the tools at hand, but how they’re utilized.

Whether you’re after epic establishing shots; extreme proximity, high-impact, fast tracking moves that place the viewer inside the action; or an elaborate, languidly-moving narrative sequence, we consistently deliver. If you can envision it, odds are we can capture it. Our cutting-edge technologies offer cinematic tools unprecedented in their ability to create shots unattainable with any other drone operator.

Years of crew experience working in the motion picture industry on high-profile productions has garnered a clear understanding of how to maneuver the intricacies of a set and effectively communicate with Directors and DPs, to adeptly explore a scene’s full potential and expediently capture impactful, exceptional material that filmmakers envision.

Our personnel are rigorously trained to a high degree of proficiency under a formalized training program and long-term apprenticeships – and only when fully qualified are integrated into established, exclusively-staffed teams. Our pilots and camera operators possess a sound understanding of the cinematic vernacular and how to effectively construct a dramatic visual narrative. They grasp inherently the dynamics of action and fluid motion, the nuances of composition and balance, they harbor an intuitive sense of how light renders and can articulate what is essential in a scene – that it can transform the banal to the beautiful. What makes us unique is our command of the aerial image-capture medium and how this translates to the caliber of the end product.