FPV (or First Person View) is a drone platform capable of extreme high speeds (120mph+) with maximum maneuverability. This system is best suited for covering large distances quickly and flying in close proximity to subjects or landscapes. Our roster of FPV pilots are the best in the business with drone racing titles and experience on Hollywood's biggest sets.

Heavy lift drones are built for flying large cinema cameras for longer periods of time. Our heavy lift fleet is capable of carrying just about any cinema camera/lens combination with much longer flight times than their FPV counterparts. Heavy lift drones move slower than FPV drones and have a much more stable feel.

Heavy FPV (or Gimbal FPV) is a category of drone first developed by Lightcraft. It combines the speed and maneuverability of FPV (or First Person View) racer drones with the horizon locking stability of a 3-axis gimbal. We have multiple applications of Heavy FPV. The numerous gimbal options can be top mounted or under slung and flown by a variety of different drone platforms. Each drone variation is capable of different speeds and payloads.

Drones aren’t just for flying cameras. We’ve built out several different configurations for flying lights on drones. Whether you need a big wide source or a punchy spotlight, we’re able to use our diverse fleet of drones to mount lights and move them through environments and around subjects. We have lights for both Heavy Lift and FPV drones and can provide the best system recommendation based on the creative needs.

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