Cinema FPV

Aston Martin | Roads I Seek

Presenting ‘Roads I Seek’ and subsequent cut-downs in collaboration with @coreywilson and @jhechtkopf.
It’s been so much fun bringing this piece together with friends and countless talented partners.

Directors: @corey_wilson @kbullington
Producers: @jhechtkopf @kbullington @corey_wilson @admphoto @davestyle9 @hughesberg
Creative direction: @admphoto @jhechtkopf @pw.hall @traviskuhlman
DP: @davestyle9
FPV Pilot: @captainvanoverfpv
Additional cinematography: @traviskuhlman @admphoto @jhechtkopf @kbullington
ACs – @cadenm_film @_benstef @laynestratton
Drone Pilot – @davestyle9
Stunt driver – @reidharper16
Writer- @pw.hall
Editor- @pw.hall
Post Super- @patrickevideo
Color- @ty.roth @company_3
Voice Actor- @vejaykesh
Musical Score- Dan Lloyd-Evans, Louis Nanke-Mannell
PA- @nick_haskin
Photography- @corey_wilson

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