Cinema FPV

PGIM | Evolution of Flight

The director’s cut of the PGIM // Prudential project “The Pursuit” in collaboration with MediaMonks. Filmed throughout the western United States, this piece combines cutting edge cinematic FPV technology with elite flying from JohnnyFPV.

“Aerial cinematography has always been the core of who we are at Aether Films. This piece pays homage to the art of flight and looks to the future of aerial cinematography” – Kyle Bullington, Director.

Production – Aether Films, MediaMonks
Director – Kyle Bullington
Director of Photography – Davis DiLillo
Drone Pilot – Johnny Schaer
Producers – Boudewijn Brouwer, Jon Young
Camera Assistant – Ben Stefanides
DIT – Brendan Arnett
Coordinator – Evan Mobley, Jorge Lymberopulos
VFX Supervisor – Stefan Smith
PAs – Luke Field, Faisal Tisnes, Blake Doyle, Quinn Ainslie.

Edit – Brendan Arnett
Color – Patrick Evans
Composition – Dan Lloyd Evans , Louis Nanke-Mannell
Stabilizations – Patrick Evans
VFX – Triglass Productions & Patrick Evans

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