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Davis DiLillo
Founder and CTO

Davis is a co-founder of Aether Films and Lightcraft. He grew up teaching himself most of everything from mechanics to electronics and programming. With over a decade of UAV experience in cinema and a passion (some would say obsession) for aviation, he brings a unique outlook to his work as an Aerial DP, utilizing drones, high-speed cameras, and other robotic solutions to create specialized angles and perspectives. As a devoted skier, robotics engineer, and overall nerd, Davis found a perfect way to blend these passions in the early days of his career, building drones to capture action sports. He has since worked on high-budget Hollywood films, such as Emancipation, Ambulance, and numerous others. Davis plans to continue to revolutionize camera motion and innovate with some of the best pilots and filmmakers in the world alongside his team at Lightcraft.

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