Water Cinematography

Austin Keen | Matador

This piece was inspired by a new custom underwater housing we developed for the Phantom Flex 4K and a long-standing relationship with professional skim-boarder, Austin Keen. Everything clicked into place in 2018 and we ended up chasing a swell.

Austin is unique in his his approach to skim-boarding. We took a similarly unique approach in our filming. We used the Phantom underwater housing to get close, intimate shots in heavy surf. Then used drones and aerials to set the tone for the coastal landscape. Camera motion was essential in building the energy for the piece. Everything blended together quite well to capture the wave, location and Austin’s style.

Athlete: Austin Keen
Director: Andrew Mackenzie
Producers: Davis DiLillo & Kyle Bullington
Director of Photography: Josh Hill
Camera Assistant: Evan Mobley
Editor: Ryan Houchin
Colorist: Patrick Evans

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