Team Subcategories: Founders

Kyle Bullington

Kyle is a co-founder and CEO of Lightcraft in addition to being the head of production at Aether Films. Kyle is a passionate filmmaker with over a decade of experience utilizing various robotic solutions to move cameras for film and other creative purposes. Kyle was born and raised in the Bay Area and developed a Kyle Bullington

Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew is a co-founder of Aether Films and Lightcraft.  He grew up in the Bay Area and has always had a passion for technology and the outdoors.  While earning his undergraduate degree in visual communication and photojournalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Andrew started Aether Films alongside Davis and Kyle out Andrew Mackenzie

Davis DiLillo

Davis is a co-founder of Aether Films and Lightcraft. He grew up teaching himself most of everything from mechanics to electronics and programming. With over a decade of UAV experience in cinema and a passion (some would say obsession) for aviation, he brings a unique outlook to his work as an Aerial DP, utilizing drones, Davis DiLillo